Coachella vs. EDC

Music festivals are such a great way to relieve stress, to meet new people and simply get out of your comfort zone while dancing to some of your favorite artists. I attended Coachella and EDC in the year 2017,which were my first times ever attending these type of festivals and it was one of my best experiences ever. EDC and Coachella are two of the biggest music festivals in America. So many people travel miles just to attend these two festivals, which are totally worth the drive.


So the real question is here, what festival is better than the other….. and I’m here to tell you that they are both so worth the money. I for one love what these festivals have to offer. In my opinion it is really hard to pick what festival is better because they have such different vibes.


Last year was my first time ever visiting Coachella and I went with a small group of friends. I did not really know what to expect from this festival because everyone I asked had such a different experience. But when I attended Coachella I came to realize that it all depends are your taste of music. Coachella is such chill vibe; but don’t let that fool you because they have a little of everything in this festival. Like hip hop, Edm, indie rock, alternative and more so much more so in reality Coachella is for everyone in my opinion.



Coachella Music Festival



Me at Coachella 2017  


EDC is so different from Coachella because the music is so upbeat and everyone has so much energy. In EDC there are only DJs and the music could get a little crazy, therefore a lot of people will say that the festival is too crazy for them, but in my opinion you just have to know how to vibe with the music and vibe with the people and you’ll catch yourself making some of your best memories. Prior to EDC I had attended Escape , a Halloween rave in San Bernardino, so I already had a good feeling on how EDC was going to be. At first you get shocked on how so many people are getting so hyped for a song and get a little intimidated to start vibing out to the music, but as soon as you get into a crowd of people you feel so comfortable that soon enough your dancing your heart out. I for one love EDC and how easily you can meet new people and meet new DJs.





Me and my friend and EDC 2017


If someone were to ask me what festival I like more out of Coachella and EDC I would not be able to chose becuase they are both two totally differnt type of music festivals. I believe that everyone should at least try to visit a music festival of there choice in their lifetime, specifically to get out of their comfort zone and relieve some stress while jamming out to their favoriate music. I will visit these festivals in the future without a doubt and it gets me so hyped to know that I will be under the electric sky again ( in other words EDC) and at Coachella vibing out to my favorite artist while eating a big slice of watermelon.



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